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    Hi Dipen,

    We have solved the report problem, and the item editing problem, which you wrote in a private e-mail.
    I have modify the files on your site, and we will issue a new release that contains these solutions.

    If I think, there is only one problem to deal with, that is the manual journal entry problem.

    Unfortunately I still can not reproduce the 500 error of manual journal entry on your site.
    I have created 3 Manual Journal Documents, #MJ00002, #MJ00004, #MJ00005. Each of them has two entries, that I can see when I go into these. You can see the entries of them? (Please find attached the screenshot about #MJ00004. Can you see the two journal items when you open it?)
    Please send a screenshot about the entered data before you save (so before the 500 error comes).



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    Could you please update the 2-seconds ajax reload problem in PO,SO . I have sent private email too





    We misunderstand each other because we called the „2-second problem” differently. I called it „item editing problem” in my last post, and this problem has been solved, as I wrote it, but it may not have been clear. Sorry for the unclear description.

    This file contains the solution of the „2-second problem”: filogy-framework\assets\js\admin\meta-boxes-order-filochange.js.php
    I’ve updated this file on your site, so it’s good now there, I have tested it on your site.
    The next version of Filogy will contain this file.

    Please let me know if there is any problem with it.




    Thanks for the clarification.

    When will next version will come? . Any ETA??

    I have also asked a few other things in email. Did you get chance to check that.




    Since the last version, there were only two minor, site-specific fixes.
    The release of versions depends on how and what kind of problems are handled. There was no serious problem that affects many users. For this reason we are not releasing a new version now.

    Only two files were changed, we updated both files on your site.
    If you need the new actual version, please save filogy-framework directory on your site to a safe place.

    The two files that were changed:

    I hope this solution is appropriate for you.


Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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