Filogy – ERP
System for WooCommerce

ERP software for WooCommerce, which makes the administration, and management of your webstore more efficient with less work.

Filogy - ERP system for WooCommerce

Create professional looking business documents

Allow your visitors to find anything on your site using the smartest search function.

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Forget your Excel sheets, reduce paperwork, save time

Track your payables, receivables, incomes, costs and profit with less paperwork. 

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Create your own WooCommerce invoice

Create your own, beautiful branded invoice, customized as you wish, using wonderful predefined skins.

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WooCommerce Analytics, get reports in seconds

Have an instant view of your store financial values. Use professional reporting to have up-to-date information online. Information is a value; thus, reporting gives you real business value.

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Filogy Finance graphical reports -The standard WooCommerce reports are supplemented by your financial data.

Use our WooCommerce reports plugin

Generate reports with just a few clicks. Get valuable business data about profit and loss, the actual balance of your store, and your inventory values.

Drill-down easily to the transactional data to know the ingredients of the summarized numbers.

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Designed for your WooCommerce webstore

All Filogy products are designed for WooCommerce.

Filogy Invoice free version available in

Learn more about finance and invoicing

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Which Filogy product do I need?

  • The main purpose is creating Invoices based on Orders
  • A simple plugin for small businesses
  • Print PDF or HTML invoices, delivery notes and orders
  • These documents always contain the data of the order
  • The order data is printed as an Invoice or Delivery note. They have unique document numbers, dates and notes
  • Support financial processes of your store
  • A complex finance plugin for your Sales and Purchase process
  • Print PDF or HTML invoices, delivery notes, and orders, thus Filogy Finance has its own invoicing functionality.
  • All document is real, independent, they have their own data
  • Complex Business Reporting

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I have never seen another plugin which let me do what this plugin does!

They are quick, friendly and they solve problems

They fix my problem very quick so all is perfect now and I'm very happy! I just want to say a big THANK YOU, Webshoplogic! You are great!

Excellent plugin!

This plugin works great. Easy to use and does the job as promised. I love it!

Make your WooCommerce webstore more efficient with less work!

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