About Us

Who we are

Webshoplogic is a family company, founded by a married couple, Judit and Peter in 2014.

It is an online business that aim is to make quality plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce that make life easier and offer clients real business value. 

WebshopLogic is located in Budapest, Hungary; our products are used in 73 countries worldwide.

Our Story

When Judit was at home with the kids, she started to write a blog about gardening with kids. One year later we established a WooCommerce webstore for selling gardening supplies for families. We came to realize that using WooCommerce would be much easier and effective with some extensions. The first plugin was Custom Tabs, which helped to display product details in separate tab pages.

Our next problem was that we used Excel spreadsheets and paper for handling important business data on which the profit and cash-flow depended. We never had enough time for marketing and development due to administration. We needed a professional finance extension. As Peter worked for big software companies, he was familiar with implementing invoicing, finance, accounting, inventory handling ERP software. We applied similar methods in a new financial plugin for WooCommerce for small and medium-sized retail web stores. This is how Filogy, a complete Finance system for WooCommerce was born in 2017.

So far, we have made 15 plugins which help your WooCommerce store works more efficiently, and we still have more plans for the future. Webshoplogic became a successful business; it has already more than 15.000 satisfied users in 73 countries. We hope that we will welcome you as well as our user! 

We look forward to welcome you among our





Peter Rath

management, development, support

Peter is native Hungarian, lives in Budapest, and has two children.

He was always enthusiastic about IT and programming. He has a college degree in IT and management. His first computer was a Commodore 64 at the age of 13.

Peter worked for big software companies as a developer, IT consultant, and project manager. He has implemented ERP systems which support invoicing, finance, accounting, inventory handling, and other business processes.

First met WordPress and WooCommerce in 2013 when his wife Judit asked him to develop a plugin for her blog site.

He is the co-founder of WebshopLogic, responsible for: management, developing and support.

Judit Csordas

marketing, sales, customer service

Lives in Budapest, Hungary, with his husband Peter and two kids.

She worked for several airlines in Budapest as a ticketing sales agent for 14 years.

She earned a college degree in Horticultural Science in 2008

She started her Hungarian blog about gardening with kids in 2012, using WordPress.

At WebshopLogic she is responsible for: online marketing, sales, customer service.