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WP Google Search for WordPress

Use the best search engine for your visitors to find anything on your site.

Insert Google Custom Search into your WordPress website

Just register your own Google Custom Search engine at https://cse.google.com/ and use WP Google Search plugin to include the search box to your WordPress site.

Free plugin for integrating Google Custom Search box into your WordPress website.

Provide the force of Google Search for your clients

Users can type the keywords into the search box, the results will be presented by Google that will be displayed right on your website.

Use Google Custom Search widget or a shortcode

Use Google Custom Search widget or a shortcode for inserting Google Custom Search box easily into your WordPress Site.

Use Google Custom Search widget for inserting Google Custom Search box into your WordPress Site.

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reviews from wordpress.org

Happy after trying several Google CSE plugins

I tried several Google Custom Search Engine plugins and had problems (bugs) or issues (things I didn't like) about all of them. WP Google Custom Search however was super easy to setup and works great. Good job!

Very good!

This is the first Google search plugin that works fine for me without coding or css settings.

I just installed this plugin but so far the search results are soooooo much better than the default

The plugin doesn't have too many options, most everything you take care of on the Google side of things. The CSS is easy to change within your own stylesheet so no need to dig around or change code to get it to fit in with the styling on your site. Thank you much!

Read the detailed Documentation of WP Google Search to get more information.