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    Hi There,

    I’m running a site where I use this plugin to manually display related products for articles.

    The plugin works great in displaying this information correctly, but I’m running into an annoying bug on the backend.

    I have a custom post type called Products which are displayed on regular Posts. The bug occurs on the following behavior:

    1. Whenever I’ve added a Product (Let’s call this Test Product 1) within the WRI Manual Relationships Admin Panel the product appears and is displayed correctly.
    2. When I change some information about Test Product 1 (e.g. Price, availability, etc.) this causes a bug where an additional instance of Test Product 1 appear in the WRI Manual Relationship admin panel.
    3. If I make a second change to Test Product 1, two additional instances appear. A third change causes three additional instances to appear and so on and so forth.
    4. If I do not delete these instances manually the WRI Manual Relationships Admin panel becomes full of these products repeating and makes that panel unusable and not manageable at all.

    I’m hoping you can shine some insight as to what is happening.

    I have attached two screenshots:

    1) Screenshot 1 shows a normal instance
    2) Screenshot 2 shows what happens to Test Product 1 once it has been updated a few times.

    Thank you!


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    Hi Kevin!

    Thank you for let us know this, we will see this problem.

    Do you use the latest WP Related Items pro v1.1.5 version?

    Peter Rath




    I’m currently using 1.1.2.




    This problem is fixed in v1.1.5, please upgrade to it.
    You can download it from my account menu of webshoplogic.com.
    Your existing data will be repaired if you save your products one more time. Both product should be saved of the two directions of manual relationships.




    I can’t find the link to download the file in the My Account menu. Could you please direct me to the right path?

    Thank you




    Go to this link: http://webshoplogic.com/my-account/, or go to http://webshoplogic.com and chose My Account menu.

    if you still can not find the link, please send us your Order ID or your billing name applied during order to info@webshoplogic.com.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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