Offer related posts in your WordPress blog, related products in your WooCommerce store

WP Related Posts and Products Lite plugin




This product is a downloadable virtual product.

Offer related products to pages, blog posts, and other products.

Offer upsell and cross-sell products and similar content between your pages, products, posts and another type of custom content.

The WP Related Posts and Products Lite product page contains the product description, installation, screenshots, documentation, FAQ, and support.

GPLv2 or later


  1. Upload the plugin to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate it through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Configure the plugin: Settings -> WordPress Related Items (WRI).



WordPress Related Items

WordPress Related Items General Options Page

WordPress Related Items Rel Items option page

WordPress Related Items Reference Items option page

WordPress Related Items Widget


More features in pro version:

WordPress Related Items Manual Relationship


WordPress Related Items WRI categories

Documentation / FAQ

Where is the detailed description of admin panel?

Find detailed description for each field on the admin page.

What is reference post type?

Post type for which you want to display the related items.

What is related post type?

Post types which you want to display as similar items.

Is it possible to use widgets for display related items?

Yes, you can use WP Related Items (WRI) widget to display related items on the sidebar. More widget can be used if you want to display different related posts. Widgets can work contextual way, for different reference post type.

Does WRI support WooCommerce products?

Yes, WRI supports WooCommerce products natively.

Does WRI support other custom post types?

Yes. WRI uses the YARPP plugin that supports custom post types. Please find more information in YARPP documentation.

Is it possible to display related products on post pages? How can I do this?

Yes, it is.

There should be similarities between different type of posts, and the Match threshold should be set according to the relatedness of posts. It is up to you how do you make more similar posts to your products, we have some ideas about it.

In Lite version only the title and content text similarity is relevant, and you have no more possibilities to increase relatedness.

In Pro version, you have more opportunities to create stronger similarities between different types of posts (e.g. using different kind of common categorization or manually assigned relationships).

What happened if related items do not appear?

The problem could be caused by the following reasons:

1. It is possible that the relevancy of similar products is lower than the match threshold, so YARPP can’t find any related items.
Try to use lower match threshold using one of the following ways:
– set a lower threshold value for every post type on “Related Types” tab of “WP Related Items” options page.
– or leave the above fields empty and set “Match threshold” on “Related Posts (YARPP)” options page. (If you can’t find these settings on YARPP admin page, you should switch on “Relatedness options” section using “Screen Options” tab on the upper right corner of YARPP options page.)
You can try to enter the value 1 as a threshold, and if you get related items, you can increase the value (if the value is too low, less relevant items will be displayed). So, you can find the optimal threshold value.

2. After you change WP Related Items settings, you may need to save YARPP settings also in Settings -> Related Posts (YARPP) menu, to refresh them. So please push “Save Changes” button on “Related Posts (YARPP)” options page.

3. Try to increase relevancy between different types of a post by using same words in the title or content or if you have the Pro version, use common categories or tags between different types of items.

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