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Filogy - Real Business Value

Financials for WooCommerce

This product is a downloadable virtual product.

Filogy is a plugin for WooCommerce which supports your sales, purchase and inventory processes.

Manage your WooCommerce webstore efficiently, keep track of your business, and make the right decisions, this means Real Business Value for you.
We are sure that you enjoy if sales are increasing and you have a lot of orders. You feel successful and want to improve your business. But due to increasing administration, you will have no time for sales, which brings you money. You may think that you should hire someone for administrative work, but we have a cheaper solution for you, and this is Filogy.

What will happen when you begin to use Filogy?

  • At the end of each order, you will see your instant profit, revenues, expenses, and cash flow
  • You can follow up your inventory value, committed, ordered quantity and more
  • You will be able to issue invoices directly from WooCommerce
  • You can track order, delivery, invoicing and payments
  • Not only sales but purchase processes can be handled.

Based on WooCommerce

Filogy is a plugin for WooCommerce, extending it with financial functionality. If you have already used WooCommerce, Filogy will be familiar to you.

Powerful reports

Stay informed about your business. Filogy provides all relevant information in a well-structured format that helps you understand your webstore financial state.

Financing - Receivable Payable Diagram

Support Purchase

In Filogy you can record purchase orders that contain the product, quantity, price, delivery data.

Filogy Purchase Order


Keep track of the whole purchasing or sales process easily

Pay attention for unclosed purchase orders to follow up which hasn't been delivered by the supplier and which has to be paid. Convert orders to goods receipts or to invoices with just a few clicks.

Filogy Case List
You will get a graphical overview of every purchase case.


Customers place orders through the webshop front-end. With Filogy you can easily view the status of your orders, delivery, invoices, and payments.
Orders can be converted to delivery note or to invoices.

Filogy Create Invoice from Order

All details of the document can be seen on one screen, you will get the status, financial data, graphical overview of the case, journal entry data and more.

Fiilogy Sales Invoice


Handle regular cases easily

Filogy ensures simple ways for handle irregular cases, e.g. more partial fulfillment, partial invoicing, or sent back damaged goods.

Follow up payments properly

Filogy can record online payments automatically, offline payments can be recorded manually (incoming and outgoing payments).

You can see customer debt right in the user admin area of WordPress.

Filogy Receivables on User Edit Page



Branding Your Financial Documents

Your company’s brand, including company name, logo and colors are important to appear on all your business documents. Filogy enables you to customize all kind of documents easily.

Filogy Document Settings

Filogy Setup Documents

Filogy - Branded Sales Invoice

Control your inventory in real-time

You do not always have to keep your eye on inventory quantities. Filogy automatically tracks inbound and outbound items when you purchase or sell products. Filogy provides information such as stock level, stock value, committed, ordered and available quantities. When stock quantity falls below the threshold, Filogy sends notifications for you.

Filogy Produc Inventory Data

Calculate cost of goods sold automatically

When you sell an item, the item cost is calculated using inventory valuation methods. Filogy uses the most popular moving average method. When you purchase goods, Filogy automatically revaluates inventory value of the specific products or variations.

Simplify accounting

For statistical reasons, Filogy has basic accounting functions. Filogy posts all relevant data of business transactions automatically into statistical accounting journals in very simple way. You can record other manual journal entries about expenses or other transactions.

Filogy Chart of Accounts

Based on this data Filogy gives you real time financial information about your store, you can monitor the profit, revenues, expenses, cost of goods sold, cash flow and more.
A wide range of reporting tools presents the information for you in a well-structured format to make the right decisions. Financial dashboard, financial data indicators of orders, business reporting functions all based on the posted accounting journals entries.

Filogy Financial Dashboard

Work from anywhere

Filogy ensures you to work online from anywhere. You can get information on your mobile device, communicate with your clients, and keep your eye on your store.

Feature list


  • Filogy MenuSupport of Sales and Purchase process: order→ delivery → invoice → payment → returns
  • You can record price of your purchases: purchase price → inventory value → cost of goods sold → profit calculation
  • Create sales and purchase financial documents:
    • Sales Quotations / Purchase Quotations
    • Sales Orders / Purchase Orders
    • Sales Delivery Note / Purchase Goods Receipt
    • Goods Return
    • Sales Invoice / Purchase Invoice
    • Sales Credit Memo / Purchase Credit Memo
    • Incoming Payment / Outgoing Payment
  • You can see on the menu how many financial documents do you have to do.

Filogy Sales or Purchase Process


Don’t worry, in the real life you don’t have to create so many documents, usually, an Order and an Invoice Plus Payment document is enough.

  • Generate a document from another with just a few clicks e.g. create an Invoice from an Order
  • Sales and Purchase Case handling (every document about the same sales or purchase process will be collected in a separate case).
  • Automatic or manual matching of Payments, Invoices and Credit Memos (transaction matching)
  • Track your Sales and Purchase process from order to payment
  • Graphical document flowchart for overview the whole sales or purchase process

Filogy Sales Process Order to Payment


  • Create professional invoices and financial documents with your own logo
  • Works with any sales tax
  • Add custom messages to invoices
  • Handling of your own VAT number (if needed)
  • Use advanced document numbering: unique and continuous numbers, using sequences, adjustable prefixes, suffixes, number formats
  • Choose invoice format and style (content, colors, fonts, document size, orientation)
  • Predefined document content options
  • Available document templating
  • Print Invoices (PDF or HTML generation)
  • Make financial sales documents available for your customers (e.g. invoices)
  • Use Shipping costs and Other Fees


  • Track not only quantities but dollar value for every product and variation automatically (moving average inventory valuation)
  • Inventory handling for simple and variable products and product combinations (bundled, chained, composite, grouped products supported by WooCommerce plugins)
  • Track inventory for products and variations:
    • in stock quantity
    • committed qty (ordered by customers but not delivered yet)
    • available qty (none committed in stock qty)
    • ordered qty (ordered from a supplier, but not received yet)


  • Filogy Order Financial DataAccounting functions for statistical reasons
  • Statistical Chart of Accounts
  • Manual Journal Entries for recording any kind of financial event.
  • Real Time information of most important financial indicators for every sales and purchase:
    • profit
    • revenues
    • costs
    • cash flow (in / out)
    • receivables
    • payables
  • Financial Dashboard with very important real time KPIs of your WooCommerce store
  • Graphical Financial Reports about your whole WooCommerce store:
    • Profit and Loss
    • Receivable, Payable
    • Cashflow


  • Full, detailed documentation with a lot of examples
  • Setup Jedi helps you to make all necessary settings with just a few clicks (kép)


codecanyon Regular License

The product price contains support for one year.

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Filogy has a precious, detailed documentation, that is available for the customers.

Before you start, please read the product documentation carefully. The usage of this plugin is not difficult at all. But it is necessary to be aware of the operation of its functions in advance to apply Filogy successfully.

If you have already purchased this product, please login to reach the full documentation.

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