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    I know, this topic has been discussed already in another context, saying this plugin does not support WPML.

    We’ve purchased this quite some time ago and I believe it was tested with just one site in an WPML environment and it worked. (Deactivated in the network, activated and licensed in one single subdomain). Unfortunately this seems not to work any longer or has never worked. Sorry, my bad, I can’t provide more details from the test long time ago. I believe we purchased it because it worked in this way.

    I ran into this now as we were going to go using it :-)
    I’ve installed 1.0.22 pro, but it looks like it’s the lite version and there is no way to enter the license key etc.

    If you have any workaround to get WCT Pro working on a single subdomain or subfolder in a WPML environment, I’d be happy to try this.

    So, at least you can add us as interested in a WPML solution…




    Sorry to confuse things.
    I was talking about WP Multisite Environment, in which we are running into the issue not being able to activate the license key, not necessarily related to WPML.





    Please send us your order number to info@webshoplogic.com to see your license activation data.

    This plugin is not prepared for using in WPML environment, however the installation and activation has to be done per site in a WP Multisite environment.

    Please give us detailed information about the problem. Do you have problem with the license activation? Do you get any error message, or what is the exact problem?

    Peter Rath




    Sorry for the confusing thread title in the forum regarding WPML, as our issue is the just license activation in the WP Multisite environment.

    We are running a WP Multisite 4.6.1 and Woocommerce 2.6.4, PHP 5.6.19 on our production site.

    I’ve purchased and successfully installed the Pro Version 1.0.15_1 in 2015. I remember this was working fine for a period of time.
    Now we were running 1.0.17, which looked like it was the Lite version. So I got the latest version from your site: 1.0.22 (from my account download area) and installed this one,
    same issue: no entry for activating the license key at all.

    What I’ve tried :

    1) deactivate WCT in the WP Network
    2)) activating WCT in the German Sub-Site, subfolder type

    – There is no entry in the wp backend plugin list for activating the license key as described in your Installation Hints.

    – In the Settings Menu -> Woocommerce Custom Tabs I can’t see anything, which indicates this is the Pro Version.

    – There is no additional menu entry „Product Tabs“ on the top level of the WP backend, so it failed to activate the Pro features.

    I’ve activated the debug log, but can’t see anything related to the WCT Plugin indicating any issues.




    We will see what is the problem with Pro setting in Settings Menu -> Woocommerce Custom Tabs and „Product Tabs“ menu in multisite environment. We will give you a feedback about it soon.




    We have tested the plugin in WP Multisite environment without any problem.

    The plugin can be activated either per site basis or using network activate. Both activation works properly.

    After the plugin activation the “Product Tabs” menu item appears, tab types can be created for every site, and tab content can be entered for the products on all sites.

    Please delete your plugin directory on your server. Download the latest version from My Account menu of webshoplogic.com, and install it again. Maybe the Lite version is installed now on your site.
    You should not activate the License, because you have an earlier variant of the plugin.

    I hope this will solve the problem.




    I have tested WCT on our developer site and it worked as expected. The PRO menu “Product tabs” appeared and worked fine.

    Still had the issue on our production site – no “Product tabs” entry – and assumed that another plugin conflicts with the menu position, so I added a ‘menu_position’ in the $register_post_type_array in your plugin. I tried a random number:
    at line 331
    329 ‘public’ => true,
    330 ‘has_archive’ => false,
    331 ‘menu_position’ => 21,

    The “Product tabs” menu appeared!

    After that I tried to verify which plugin was actually conflicting by deactivating some.
    It looked like the plugin “Woo Import Export” was the one, which was actually preventing or overwriting the WCT menu. This plugin uses the add_menu_page() function and tries to find a free slot for the menu positioning.

    It might be that WP functions like add_menu_page() and register_post_type() aren’t very solid in managing concurrent menu entries. It’s quite ugly if you can’t see what you expect and no error is thrown.

    Anyway, at least I found a workaround for me, so all is good now.

    Thanks for your efforts!




    Thank you for your feedback.

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