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    So my client has the WooCommerce Custom Tabs Pro plugin and it’s causing an OH Snap! Error in her and her customer’s Chrome browser. It doesn’t do this to me but I do see a JQuery Error when I click on a tab.

    Wool Comforter

    What do I do? I am not sure why it’s not working. Please help!

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    Hi Sarah,

    It may happen if a custom template id used on the site (usually contained by the theme), that is not compatible with the original WooCommerce tab template.

    More technical detail:
    This means the applied custom tab template does not contain .wc-tabs and .woocommerce-tabs classes (these two classes make it possible for a JavaScript to identify WooCommerce tabs on the site).

    I suppose both of these classes are missing on this site, and it causes this problem.

    Please send us the URL of the site, and we will check it.

    Peter Rath



    That makes sense… Here is the URL

    Let me know if there is anything else you need :) Thank you!



    Your templates are compatible with our plugin, but as far as I can see, there is an older version of the plugin on your site.

    Please check your plugin version, and if you use an earlier version, than install the latest one (at this moment 1.0.22).

    You can download the latest version from My Account menu in



    (oops just found my old account)

    I updated the plugin but it still seems to be giving me an error. Could you take a look again? Thank you!



    It seems to be that the plugin is not activated. There is not any custom tab displayed, and I cannot find the javascript that the plugin load on your site.

    Please check if the plugin active.

    Please also clear your browser cache after upgrading to the new version.

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