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    I hadn’t looked at this in awhile, but my client emailed me that a tab had disappeared. He was right.

    I set up a tab to display in a specific product category, but it doesn’t. When I check “show for all products,” the tab appears, but it’s (obviously) not relevant.

    I have looked at my account and don’t see a license key, nor do I see a place on my site’s dashboard to add a license key. If I have to purchase another license, I understand that, as my purchase is about four years old. (Order #1401) But it’s unclear to me whether this is a subscription or a one-time purchase.

    Thank you for your help.




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    Hi James,

    It was a one time purchase. You ordered this product 4 years ago, when there were no licenses yet.
    You may use this product without license since then, and you can download the latest versions from My Account menu if site.
    If you send me screenshots about the tab type settings and the appropriate product settings, we’ll see what the problem might be.





    Thank you. I made a little video of my screen so that you could see everything…

    What the video shows:

    • The tab “what is streaming” is enabled for products with the category “Streaming”
    • It does not appear in a product with this category
    • I am updated to the latest version

    The attached image shows the settings.

    Thank you for your help!


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    This should work.
    I tested a similar case when the middle level of the 3-level category was set for the product and the tab type also, and this worked for me without any problem.

    I suspect that something has changed on your site, which made this problem. At this moment I did not find any problem in our plugin (using in a standard environment). Maybe there is a plugin conflict on your site.
    Can you test that if you deactivate all other plugins (except WooCommerce), is there a problem?

    One more question: on the product edit page of this product in “Streaming” category, can you see the editor field of “what-is-streaming” tab? (I suppose it is empty, but is this field shown or is not?)

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