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    what’s wrong with your custom tabs plugin?

    Since a certain WP update (I believe it was 2.6) the loading time of the tabs has become intense. With my config, it still takes 15-20secs to load one tab after clicking on it.

    There has already been a discussion here, with you claiming the issue had been addressed and fixed with your last plugin update 1.0.20: but the last comment, stating that it’s still very slow, didn’t receive a reply from you and seems to be bluntly ignored from your end.

    I have also upgraded to 1.0.21 PR (the most recent version in your PRO download section) but no change to the unbearable loading time.

    Could you please get back to me (and the fella in that other post) and let us know what’s going on? In case you dropped your support for the product, it would be good to know, so we can at least try and find an alternative. However this would be VERY disappointing, to an even larger extent than the already pretty poor response behaviour on your forum.

    After all, we are all your customers and being ignored or simply not addressing any existing issues is NOT good customer service.





    Hi Nicole,

    We support the plugin. Unfortunately we miss the latest post that you mentioned, thank you for let us know this.

    Please send us your site URL to see the problem, because in our test environment, this problem does not appear.

    I suggest that use the original thread for this:

    Peter Rath

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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