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    I checked WooCommerce Custom Tabs out for a little bit. Along the way I created some tabs and deleted them, and generally messed around with the plugin and its tabs. Now, when I go to see all the tabs I’ve created and published, there is only one (for all product types). However, on the product page, an old version (I assume, because it’s a duplicate) is (re)appearing.

    Is there any way to see the tabs that are associated with only one category? That way, I can find out where the duplicate is coming from.

    Here’s some screenshots; first of the tabs; of the product page (backend); and the tabs page.





    Hi Robin!

    I see the screenshots, but we do not know the reason of the problem.
    Maybe the tab type items in your Trash (Prullenbak) folder cause the problem, however we have tested that tab types in trash folder are not displayed.

    Please see the 3 deleted items in trash, or try to empty the items in trash.

    If you switch OFF the “Use for all products” checkbox on the edit page of a specific custom tab type, and use the “Product Categories” metabox on the same edit page for selecting some product categories for this tab type, then this specific tab type can be used only in case of products that belong to the specified product category.

    Please let us know if you find out the reason of the problem, if you have found an error occurring in certain circumstances, we can fix it, if we can reproduce these circumstances.

    Peter Rath

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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