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    Hi there

    I am having a problem with my wpgoogle search bar recording the search phrases to my google CSE account that is typed in and searched on in my site. I crossed checked the Search Engine ID and it all looks correct but no info is recorded to my account.

    How can I fix this issue?






    Hi Jonathan!

    We do not understand exactly the problem.

    What kind of search phrases do you record to your CSE account?
    In CSE account you should record the URL of your site and some settings. Search phrases is given by the user of your site in the Google CSE search field.

    What kind of info would you like to be recorded to your CSE account? In the Google CSE admin page you can make settings, but should not be recorded info automatically in Google CSE.

    You can find more information here:

    Please send some screenshots about the problem, and maybe the URL of your site, because we can not identify the problem.

    Peter Rath




    Hi Peter

    I am trying to view the queries logged by the search bar. There is currently no queries recorded except a test search I did when I was installing it.

    You can find a screenshot attached to this reply.

    Many thanks



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    I do not know what is the exact algorithm of Google CSE admin function when record frequent searches. I could not find real explanation about it on the net. Maybe ask Google about it.

    I tried to click on “Learn More” link beside “No queries were sufficiently popular to be listed.” on the page you attached, and find the following explanation there:

    “Popular Queries list empty
    The most likely explanation is that no query was frequent enough to make it ‘popular.'”

    It is a question what means “frequent enough” for Google?
    I suppose you had only some query attempts, and it is less than that Google consider as popular query, so it is not displayed in the statistics.

    Maybe Google Analytics give you more information about your site if your search field is not used frequently.


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