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    Hi, I decided to uninstall WP Google Search and use a different search plugin instead.

    Once I did this, my search results “?s=” were still redirecting to the page /gcse_results.

    I removed that page from my site, but now I do not have a search results page, and either it redirects to the first item or, if it finds nothing, goes to the homepage with “?text=whatever”.

    Apologies for my newness, but how can I undo the search behavior so it goes back to how my site was originally?




    Just deactivate the plugin and your site will work the same as before installation.
    The WP Google Search plugin uses the “?q=” parameter, not “?s=”.
    The “?s=” parameter is used by WordPress’s built-in search engine (not Google search engine), so it worked before the WP Google Search plugin was installed and will remain alive after you deactivate it.
    “?s=” never redirect you to the gcse_results page (I tried this on our own test sites).
    I don’t know the “?text=whatever” parameter.
    If you need more information, please send us the link of your site where the issue can be seen.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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