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    Hi there,

    Today I reinstalled your custom tabs pro plugin.

    Because I already created a 100+ categories with images, descriptions and SEO snippets
    I was hoping that the categories would automatically synchronise with your plugin.

    Now I have my categories in a woo commerce/products/category folder, but they don’t show up in the product tabs/category folder.

    It’s a lot of work to recreate them. Is there any chance of moving them?? Or a easy way to collaborate those two category menu items?

    Regards, Ziggy




    Hi Ziggy!

    WooCommerce Custom Tabs uses the same product categories which is set in WooCommerce, in the “Product Categories” metabox (checkboxes).
    These categories can be set in Products / Category menu in WP Admin area (maybe you called this menu as “folder”.

    So if you record your categories in Products / Category menu of WooCommerce, then these categories can be selected in Product Tabs / All Product Tab Types menu of WooCommerce Custom Tabs plugin. Please check if “All Product Categories” tab is selected in “Product Categories” metabox, to display all categories.

    I hope this information is helpful for you.

    Peter Rath




    Dear Peter,

    Thanks for your quick reply!

    I understand your explanation. But maybe I’m a dumb customer… What I meant is that the categories I’ve already made don’t appear in the product tabs page, whatever setting I do.

    They do show up in the Product tabs/categories menu, but I can’t use them in my product pages.

    My question is: do I have to create 93 (!) new product tabs or is there any possibility to create these tabs all in once??

    Thanks for your answer in advance!

    Kind regards,



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    Dear Ziggy,

    On the firs screenshot there is not any tab types defined.
    Please add “Tab Types” first: Product Tabs / All Product Tab Types -> Add New.

    You can create the predefined tab types here which can be applied for the products.
    In most cases you have to enter only the title of the tab, and set the “Use for all products” checkbox. In this case this tab type can be applied for all products, you have to enter the content of the tabs on the product editor page.

    If you need “selective” tab types, that are not common for all product types, then clear “Use for all products” checkbox, and select the appropriate product category on the right.
    (So it is on that screen that appears when you click on Add New button described above.)

    After you have defined your tab types, go to the product editor pages, and enter the content of the tabs.

    I hope this explanation is helpful for you.
    Please follow the screenshots here, this may also help to set your tabs:

    If you have more question, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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