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I read your first post again carefully, and if I understand well, the problem is that on single post pages the mentioned element (widgets, sidebar, footer and side margin) disappears when WRI plugin is active. Is it right?

On the given page link I can see the same header, footer, sidebar/widgets, margins than the category page. (The only difference is the breadcrumbs section, that is why I supposed earlier that was the problem).
To find the problem, we have to reproduce it. In my test site I have tested the home page, a category page and a single post page, looking the whole pages before WRI was installed, and after it.
There was everything right, see the attached before/after screenshots.
I cannot see the difference on the link you have given.

Can you please explain it again what the exact problem is? It would be great if you can attach exact screenshots about it.
Please help how I can reproduce it on an empty test Layers environment. Exactly what kind of widgets and footers has to apply?

None of our other users reported this kind of problem yet, so I suppose it is a specific problem, that is why we have to know how it can be reproduced.



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