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Hi Peter,

Please find below my replies to your points:

The section that contains the bread-crumbs is appeared, that is missing on your site.

The screenshot you took is for a product page, not a post page. The breadcrumbs is showing in the same way in the product product page on my site.

Maybe you have applied a design setting that is conflict with our plugin.

I removed all my custom CSS and the issue still exist. (disabled other plugins too)

Please try to switch off displaying related items on bottom of your page or in widget section to find out whether the problem disappeared.

I tried that and it didn’t solve the issue.

Also, I tried re-installing the theme and the plugin. It didn’t solve the issue, but here’s what I found; WRI styling folder didn’t show up in the theme folder after activating the plugin. I noticed that when wri_template folder does not exist, everything seem to be working correctly (except for the missing thumbnails). Since I had a backup of the theme folder, I copied over wri_template folder manually and the issue came back.

Please find here my theme folder (including wri_template) and let me know if anything is missing:

Thank you,

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