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Hi Houcem!

If I understand well, you can see thumbnails of WooCommerce products on an article page, but you cannot see product name, price and add to cart button.

Generally WRI uses original WooCommerce product catalog template to display related products (in WRI thumbnail mode), if WooCommerce plugin active. Product name, price and add to cart button should be displayed. Of course Your theme or special WooCommerce templates may modify this functionality.

Which theme do you use?

Please check if “woocommerce.php” file is exists in “wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/” directory. This is required to use WooCommerce options in WRI.

Please check if “wp-content\themes\YOUR_THEME\wri_template” directory. If not, please deactivate and then activate WRI plugin in WordPress Plugins menu. (This could be happen if you change your theme.)

Go to “Post Page” tab in WRI settings page, and in the “Products” row set “Thumnail” in “List/Thumbnail” field.

Make sure you switch off “Automatically display” checkboxes in YARPP settings page (this is in “Display Options” section of YARPP options page, that can be hide or make visible using “Screen options” button on the upper right corner of YARPP settings page)

If you check and set all of the above things, I suppose you will get similar result as you can see on WRI demo screenshots or on our own site (

If the problem still exists, please let us know. It would be great if you give us your site URL, to see this problem.

Best Regards
Peter Rath