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Sorry for the confusing thread title in the forum regarding WPML, as our issue is the just license activation in the WP Multisite environment.

We are running a WP Multisite 4.6.1 and Woocommerce 2.6.4, PHP 5.6.19 on our production site.

I’ve purchased and successfully installed the Pro Version 1.0.15_1 in 2015. I remember this was working fine for a period of time.
Now we were running 1.0.17, which looked like it was the Lite version. So I got the latest version from your site: 1.0.22 (from my account download area) and installed this one,
same issue: no entry for activating the license key at all.

What I’ve tried :

1) deactivate WCT in the WP Network
2)) activating WCT in the German Sub-Site, subfolder type

– There is no entry in the wp backend plugin list for activating the license key as described in your Installation Hints.

– In the Settings Menu -> Woocommerce Custom Tabs I can’t see anything, which indicates this is the Pro Version.

– There is no additional menu entry „Product Tabs“ on the top level of the WP backend, so it failed to activate the Pro features.

I’ve activated the debug log, but can’t see anything related to the WCT Plugin indicating any issues.