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Mary Lou


Hi Peter,

I think I got a workaround.

Since I am only translating in one language, I can use the standard features of WPML. The only thing I noticed is when doing the translation of the tabs, the permalinks must stay the same from french to english.

Seems like its working fine and the translations are working properly. The only thing I needed to do was select the custom fields to be translated. Screenshot attached.

Not sure if this is the best way to do it but everything seems to be working properly.

Basically, when I duplicate the page to the french language, I can edit the custom fields/tabs for the french duplicated page. I noticed this is the only place to edit the tabs. Using the built in WPML editor doesn’t work and none of the fields show up in any of the UI for WPML.

I had to translate the tabs to french using the Plus sign under the Product Tabs listing in the dashboard editing window. Kept the permalinks the same, select translate on the fields on the english/original product page, then I am able to do the translations on the french page. And the tab titles are controlled under the Product Tabs, and the french plus sign.

This may not be the right solution but it seems to be working properly.

Let me know if they way I am doing this should work fine.

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