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Hi, Peter,

Thanks for the response. I’m sorry, though; I’m not understanding how what you’re saying will help in my situation. I need to be able to add tabs to about 100 existing listings. The theme I’m using gives me the structure, but I still have to copy / paste the information into the tabs at each listing. That’s 3 tab titles plus 3 tab bodies, or approximately 600 mindless copy/paste operations in total.

Once those are done, I can daisy chain new listings from existing ones, and the tabs will already be populated, but then I face the problem of potentially needing to change some piece of data somewhere down the road one one or more of those tabs. As things stand right now, I’d need to go back and manually edit each one of those listings individually.

What I’m trying to understand is which of your versions will help make these jobs lighter? Is a simple text editor to do what I’m suggesting a possibility for a future version?