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Hi Enabler!

This plugin has not got mess functions to add, delete or edit tabs in batch mode, but the structure of category dependent tab types and the possibility to assign tab types to product categories enable you to define the appropriate settings at one time to a bunch of products (all products in the categories specified for the tab type). In this case you should specify set the default content (or content header or content footer) of tab types in “Product Tabs” menu. These content will be stored for the tab type ant not for the individual products, so if you modified or delete the content later, it will affect all products in the assigned categories. This method is useful when you would like the set the same content for a tab for all of the products in the defined product categories.

If you would like to set different contents for every single product, you can do this individually product by product, on the product edit page. These individual content can be changed individually, but if you delete the hole tab type, then the tabs will be disappears for all products.

You have the possibility to edit tab content individually for the products, in this case you can set different contents for every product. You can set it on the product edit page individually for each product.

Best Regards,
Peter Rath