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In WooCommerce Custom Tabs v1.0.13 this function is available from now, you can download this version from “MY ACCOUNT” menu in

What is the format of the anchor links?
The format of the link to a product tab:

Both format select the appropriate tab. If you are using &noscroll option (or other parameter after the anchor), the top of the page will be displayed, otherwise the browser will scroll down to the anchor (if there is nothing after the anchor).

How do you know the name of the anchor?
WooCommerce standard anchor names should be use in the end of the URL. The browser display them on the bottom, if you move the mouse over the appropriate tab. You should apply the part of the URL after the # mark. (e.g. #tab-my-content or #tab-faq)

Two live examples:

We hope this is a useful function.