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More information about my problem.

The MYSITE website is the one I have problems with. TESTSITE also uses the theme SmartHealth and is similarly constructed except that the collection of plugin differs

– In TESTSITE, I use Google Search Engine ID = 013275618043618216111: 7dd7a_c5mdw. It works great
– In MYSITE I use ID = 013275618043618216111: rj2xangsuy8. This will display a page containing only the html [wp_google_search] indicating an error, but I can’t find anything in the log

– If in TESTSITE I use ID from MYSITE then the hit list for MYSITE is displayed
– If in MYSITE I use ID from TESTSITE, only the html [wp_google_search] is displayed

The conclusion is that it is the installation in MYSITE that is the problem and not the search. I’ve tried reinstalling WP Google Search but it makes no difference.