Filogy Reports – Financial and Inventory Reports for WooCommerce

Understand your business using well-structured up-to-date information, make better and faster decisions

Instant Reports for WooCommerce with just a few clicks

Powerful reports about

  • Profit and Loss in a period
  • Balance of your store in a specific time
  • Detailed lists of any type of transactions
  • Cash flow in a given period
  • Inventory value report, in stock qty, committed and ordered qty
  • Inventory movements (when and what changed in your inventory, and what is the value of it)
Filogy Reports Profit and Loss Statement screen shows the balance of your webstore
Filogy Chart of Accounts helps you to organize your finances in WooCommerce webstore.

Filogy organizes your finances to be able to report easily

All spent or received money (or money equivalent) is categorized into types. These categories are represented by accounts. The categorization is hierarchical; thus, all the accounts are part of a hierarchical list. This hierarchical list of accounts is called “Chart of Accounts”.

Chart of Accounts helps you to organize your finances, to segregate expenditures, revenue, assets, and liabilities.

Filogy contains a predefined Chart of Accounts, which can be modified if you want your own categorization.

This categorization is used for creating financial reports.

Financial Reports for WooCommerce

  • The balance sheet is a summary of the financial balances of your web store. Assets, Liabilities and Owner’s Equities are listed at a specific point in time.
  • Profit and Loss Statement shows the revenues, costs of sales and expenses of your web store during a time range you wish. 
  • Cash Flow Statement shows the flow of cash in and out of your web store
Filogy Reports Balance Sheet Report screen
Account Entries Report shows the list of all transactions

List all transaction of a specific type

List all transaction entries of a specific account to get a list of similar events. For example, you can list your “Cash” account in a given date range to get all incoming and outgoing cash, or list your “Inventory” account to see all inventory transaction values in a single list. 

This report will be shown if you click on a number in a summarized list, and drill down to the subsequent components of the selected summary value.

Inventory Reports for WooCommerce

  • Inventory Report is a list of items belonging to your webstore. It provides information about In Stock Qty (stock in hand), Committed Qty (ordered by a customer but not delivered), Ordered Qty (ordered by you but not received), and Value of in-stock qty.
  • Inventory Audit Report contains information about inventory transactions, increase or decrease of stock values.

Inventory Report can be used with Filogy Finance Professional and Premium.

Filogy Inventory reports for WooCommerce webstore

Drill Down to detailed data

Click on a summary number to drill down into subsequent transactions.

Click on any number of Filogy dashboard to get details

Click on any number of Filogy dashboard widget and get a detailed report about all the item that is summarized by the selected number.

Click on any number of Filogy dashboard to get details of WooCommerce reports

Graphical Reports about your numbers

The standard WooCommerce reports are supplemented by your financial data.

(This function is contained by Filogy Finance plugin)

Read the detailed Documentation of Filogy Reports to get more information.

Filogy Reports

$58 - $160
  • Profit and Loss Report
  • Balance of your store
  • Detailed lists of accounts
  • Cashflow Report
  • Inventory value Report
  • Inventory Movements
  • Drill-down functions
  • Query filters
  • Set the desired order of lists

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