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As a good shop owner, you may want to publish more information about your products. This plugin will help you displaying product details in separate tab pages. Even shortcodes may be used to display galleries, product support forums (e. g. bbpress) and statistics, using external programs that support these features. Some functions available in Pro version.


  • Easy tab content handling
  • Wysiwyg editor
  • Tab page positioning (priority)
  • Hide empty tabs
  • Includes .mo and .po files for localization

Pro Version

  • Multiple tabs handling
  • Pre register tabs, this way you can make standardised tabs for a bunch of products
  • Product category dependent tab pages
  • Possibility of using shortcode

GPLv2 or later

Banner picture background: Pop-tab mail by Simon Law is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 International License.


  1. Upload the plugin to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory.
  2. Activate it through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  3. Configure the plugin: Settings -> WooCommerce Custom Tabs



WooCommerce Custom Tabs Lite Custom Tab


WooCommerce Custom Tabs Lite Option Page


WooCommerce Custom Tabs Lite Product Edit Page

Documentation / FAQ

How tab name can be defined?

Chose "Settings -> WooCommerce Custom Tabs" menu in the WP Admin area, and enter your desired tab name into the 'Name of your tab' field.

WooCommerce Custom Tabs Lite Option Page

How to define tab content for a specific product?

Go to the edit pages of your WooCommerce product, you will find two more fields (the name of these fields depends on the tab name you set in the settings page):

  • My Lite Tab tab custom title (optional) - You can enter a custom content specific for this product, or leave it empty for displaying the default tab name, given in the settings page
  • My Lite Tab content - You should enter the content of your tab pages of the specific product into this field.

WooCommerce Custom Tabs Lite Product Edit Page

Empty tab pages can be hidden?

If the content remains empty, and "Hide empty tabs" checkbox is on on the "Settings / WooCommerce Custom Tabs" menu, the tab page will not be displayed.

How can I make general settings?

Chose "Settings -> WooCommerce Custom Tabs" menu in the WP Admin area, you can set the following parameters:

Hide empty tabs
Set this option on to hide empty tabs automatically.

Name of your tab (especially for Lite version)
In Lite version this tab will be displayed on product page. This field contains the name of this tab page

Priority of your tab (especially for Lite version)
Priority is affected on the order of tab pages.

Enable evaluation of multiple tab administration in Lite version
Turning this option on, you can define multiple tabs, the admin pages has full functionality for evaluation purposes, but the configured tab pages will be displayed only in Pro version.

Why tabs is not displayed on the front-end?

Lite version can display only one tab. If "Enable evaluation of multiple tab administration in Lite version" checkbox is on, it is possible to
use admin page that can handle more tabs, but the additional tabs will not be displayed in the front-end using Lite version. If you use Lite version please type the tab name of your tab in the "Name of your tab" field of the plugin settings page, available in "Settings / WooCommerce Custom Tabs" menu. This tab will be displayed on front-end.


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