Filogy Reports - Financial and Inventory Reports


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This plugin is an extension of Filogy plugin, and can be used only if you have purchased one of the Filogy versions.

This product is a downloadable virtual product.

Real-time access of information

All financial data is stored in Filogy database, all business information is easily accessible by using intuitive drill-down Filogy reports. Filogy is a real-time system, data presentation is not delayed, you will have up to date information all the time. You do not have to record your business data manually in Excel sheets, Filogy Reports provides the most important business data for you to be well informed about your store and make good decisions.


  • Balance Sheet of webstore:

Filogy Reports Balance Sheet


  • Profit and Loss Statement of webstore:

Filogy Reports Profit and Loss Statement


  • Cashflow Statement of webstore:

Filogy Reports Cashflow Statement

More financial Reports:

  • Account Entries
  • Partner Accounts


Inventory Reports are available if you use Filogy Reports together with Filogy Professional or Filogy Premium.

  • Inventory report for all or selected product and variation:

Filogy Reports Inventory Report


  • Inventory Audit report for changes of stock values and amount of all or selected product and variation:

Filogy Reports Inventory Audit Report


Before install Filogy Reports, ensure that WooCommerce and Filogy are installed, activated and setup properly.

  1. Backup your database before install and setup Filogy Reports.
  2. Upload both plugins to your server using one of the following possibilities:
    1. Upload the plugin to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory. The downloaded ZIP file contains the filogy-reports directory, this should be copied into /wp-content/plugins/ after unzip.
    2. Or go to Plugins -> Add New menu in wp-admin page of your site, then choose Upload in the upper bar. Choose the plugin file and press "Install Now".
  3. Activate Filogy Reports through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  4. Activate license key that can be found in our e-mail or My Account menu of License activation is available by clicking on the “Manage License Key” link of the plugin in your Plugins list of WordPress Admin.


Filogy has a precious, detailed documentation, that is available for the customers.

Description of Filogy Reports is in "Inventory / Inventory Reports" and "Financing / Financial Reports" chapters of the documentation.

If you have already purchased this product, please login to reach the full documentation.

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